“All went well because I am here 77 years later.”

Peggy tells her fondest memory in her own words…

“She is very proud that she was born on Mother’s Day May 10, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. She was born prematurely at four and a half pounds and with gastrointestinal issues. The hospital staff felt there was nothing they could do for her so she was sent home to pass away. Her grandmother cared for her and prayed and prayed to God, asking him “What she should do?” Her grandmother fed her little pinches of ice chips for three days to keep her hydrated and carnation milk with Karo syrup, as they did not have infant formula in those days.

“All went well because I am here 77 years later. Not one day has gone by that I am not thankful for the faith and bravery my grandmother had, because of her I am alive.”

Peggy has led a pretty remarkable and busy life. She is the mother of four- two daughters, one son, and one adopted daughter. Peggy loves children and spent her entire 41-year career as a truant officer for the Detroit Public Schools. She focused on getting kids to stay in school and working with parents to maintain a stable home environment where children could flourish. She fostered 15 children throughout the years and continues to keep in touch with many of them.

Peggy is a member of St. Augusta and St. Monica Roman Catholic Church. She served on the Pastoral Council for two terms, drove the church bus, and had an active role in the prison ministry. During her “spare time” she organized Coats for Kids during the holidays and was on the Housing Commission helping needy families.

She was also a Political Party Precinct Delegate under Mayor Archer’s administration. During this time one of her special needs students wanted to attend President Clinton’s inauguration. With the help of fellow educators, they raised enough money to send the student to Washington DC to attend a breakfast with President Clinton. One of the highlights of Peggy’s life was watching Air Force One land at Selfridge Air Force Base and shaking hands with President Clinton. Peggy noted how handsome the President looked in his dark blue suit.

Peggy has been volunteering for the Activity Department at MediLodge of Sterling Heights since March 2015 writing news articles for our facility newsletter. She also has many influential friends and invited Andrew Humphrey, a meteorologist from channel 4 news, to present the weather at our facility and explain meteorology to staff and our lodgers.

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