Mary D.W.’s Living Legacy

Mary, at 78 years old, details her interesting and humble beginnings. Mary and her two brothers were raised on her grandparent’s farm in New Boston. Her dad was a factory worker during WWII while her mother remained busy in her garden growing and canning vegetables for the winter season. Her family would earn money by breeding and selling chickens to local fry storefronts.

Working as a Nurse

Mary took pride in assisting the family while earning money while also attending school. She worked as a short-order cook as her first job out of high school, then proudly became a Certified Nurse Assistant. Mary’s work as a CNA lent valuable experience and a pathway to her ultimate goal to become an Operating Room Technician. She was then certified and worked as an OR Tech for the next 40 years!

Making Time to Make Art!

Mary takes great pride in her professional accolades but speaks just as highly of her hobbies and accomplishments. Mary’s prized hobbies are crocheting, crafting, and painting. Mary loves to create Native American ceramics, paintings, and crochets limitless clothing items, presenting them as gifts to fellow residents! Mary’s husband and three sons have provided immense love and meaning in her life; hence, she feels she blessed to have the ability to demonstrate love and passion via her creative talents!

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