We’re honored to share the marvelous success story of Detroit’s very own, Connie. In addition to her life’s many triumph’s, Connie adds Resident Council President to her resume. Learn more about Connie’s legacy, only on the Living Legacies…

City Girl Becomes Resident Council President

Connie was born and raised in the Detroit area. She is the proud mother of 2 children and very proud grandmother of 1 extremely special grandson.
Connie has made MediLodge of Howell her home for the last 5 years. While living at Medilodge Connie has made many friends from residents and their families to Activity, Nursing and Therapy staff. These friends have made a big difference in her adjusting to her move to Medilodge. “I was very upset when I had to relocate to Medilodge because I had to move farther away from home than I wanted to. I was a city girl and this was the country as far as I was concerned. Since my move I have come to realize that I have made a second family at Medilodge and am happy with my life here. Everyone has been very kind to me.

“There is always good in each day you just need to look for it.”

Connie engages in many activities at Medilodge and has been our Resident Council President for the past three and a half years. She is also a huge Kenny Rogers fan and during Music Trivia the activities staff is always trying to stump her, but so far Connie has always come up with the correct answer leaving the staff in search of that one question that will be her stumper.

This past year Connie’s highlights were getting her motorized wheelchair which made it possible for her to go to her son’s wedding and be with her family and friends who are the most important people to her. Connie has two very special friends, David and Becky, to thank for renting a wheelchair accessible van for the day, so she could be transported to and from the wedding safely and enjoy this Beautiful day.
Connie says “There is always good in each day you just need to look for it!”

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