A story in her own words, by Maryann B.

I started reading western novels after high school.

What I liked most, at least at that stage of my life, was the “shoot-em ups” and “bang-bangs”. A wave of excitement swept over me each time I picked up a western and as I explored stories of cowboys, braves and rustlers, my fascination and passion for the American frontier grew. Over the years, I have read and reread books by all the great western novelists from Max Brand through William W. Johnstone and Zane Grey. My favorite author of course is Louis L’ Amour

Louis L’ Amour did not just write about the West, in many ways he embodied the West.

He grew up in Jamestown and the variety of jobs he did during his so-called “yondering days”, gave him the ability not only to write stories that capture the true essence of the West but also populate these stories with characters whose battles and struggles continue to resonate with readers today.

I read two westerns every week.

Thanks to modern technology, I am actually able to store a lot of books on my kindle. I currently own 65 Louis L’ Amour books and would love to have more. If I were to end this piece with recommendations, it would be two books by Louis L’ Amour, Lonesome Gods and Comstock Lode.

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