Mary P is another legacy holder who has lived to see it all! Being one of the oldest residents of her assisted living facility, Mary lives worry-free socializing with her friends, carrying the torch for Medilodge of Port Huron’s Senior Olympics, and getting creative with her community!

Mary is currently a resident at Medilodge of Port Huron.

She is the oldest Resident at our facility at 104 years old! She was born on March 17, 1915 in Saginaw Michigan – a St. Patrick’s Day baby! She is one of our many shooting stars here at the facility! Mary lived in Saginaw all of her life and worked at the sugar beet factory in Saginaw. She was married to Marvin P, and they had three kids together.

Mary loves to play bingo and enjoys playing with her friends…

competing to see who will win! Mary also was chosen to join us at the 2018 Senior Olympics and was the oldest Resident there! She got to do the honors of lighting the torch and represent Medilodge of Port Huron! She had a blast while at the Olympics and she even plans on being there next year to light the torch again.

Mary also enjoys going for walks around the facility.

She socializes with all the residents and staff members that she sees. When the weather gets nicer she enjoys going outside to get some fresh air while soaking up the sun. Mary also has a caregiver who joins her nightly for crafts and bingo. Mary enjoys having her come in and visit with her and to help her participate in the activities. Mary is a role model to always get through what life throws at you, and that at her age there are no worries in the world except to be happy and make friends. Mary is one of a kind at Medilodge of Port Huron and they are glad to have her as one of our residents! Mary is a happy go lucky person who brings joy to everyone around her- she truly is one of a kind.

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