Becoming a jack of all trades means being able to do anything! Clayton E. of Michigan followed in the footsteps of great men before him, allowing him to dedicate his life to living on the farm. His family, his community, and his lawn mowers are just some of the things that make up this incredible Legacy. Read Clayton E’s story, exclusively on The Living Legacies

A Family Of Jacks

Born February 17, 1937, Clayton E. grew up to become a jack of all trades. A farmer for about twenty years of his life, Clayton followed in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather. He tended to the crops of over 240 acres of farmland, hauling corn, oats, and wheat into town with one of his most prized possessions, a tractor. It wasn’t until the 1950s where him and his father bought Clayton his first very own tractor; a1937 F-20 Farmall for a grand total of $120. Clayton loved tractors of all kinds. He even dedicated seven years to rebuilding a tractor that would eventually be able to drive four-and-a-half miles per hour! He drove it to Fowlerville, MI, to co-ops, and HMGs. He has even taught classes at the school about tractors.

Keeping The Community Clean

Tractors weren’t his only speciality though. In his eighty one years, Clayton has managed to own twenty five cars. He loves machinery so much! Growing up he would fix a lot of different kinds. Whether it was lawnmowers, motorcycles, combines, or hay balers, you could always find him working on his next project. His favorite memory of all was fixing lawn mowers. However, when he wasn’t fixing lawnmowers, he was manicuring lawns with them. He previously mowed thirty five acres of grass for a school, as well as mowed many cemeteries. He managed the landscaped flowers on the grounds of the Old Burrows Farm west of Brighton, helped customers at Kroger take groceries to their car for them, and even was Santa Claus at the school one time! 



A Well Trimmed Family Man

When he wasn’t working, he was taking care of his four children that he calls his own and bonding with his large group of nieces and nephews. He found himself often helping with difficult family lives of others and advocating for those without a voice. He loves to watch football, baseball, and hockey. Tractor shows, car races, and the Price is Right are also big hits on the TV for Clayton. 

He loves to socialize with his friends here at Medilodge of Howell, exercise and do fun activities with them as well. A resident for almost two years with us, Medilodge of Howell is proud to have Clayton as part of the family. He brings joy to whomever he talks to, smiles at, or shows off his tractor pictures to.

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