Marion C has a remarkable Legacy that involves faith, adjustment, and confidence in enjoying yourself despite somber news and events. She’s proof that nothing can get in the way of living life to the fullest at every moment.

The year was 1992…

“The year was 1992, and I had just retired from working as a bookkeeper for the State of Michigan. I got a call from my allergist. I immediately knew something was wrong because his tone was grave. He told me I had congestive heart failure. I was shocked. The persistent coughing and shortness of breath I had been experiencing turned out to be something more serious.

I did an awful lot of praying…

“Appointments were quickly set for me to see a cardiologist. After a series of X-Rays and EKG’s, the medical team confirmed the previous diagnosis. I had an enlarged heart and needed a transplant. Without a new one, I had a year to live. At 62, I was too old for the waiting list, so they sent me home and asked me to abstain from strenuous activities. I moved into a ground-level apartment, and for the rest of what I thought was my last year on earth, I did an awful lot of praying.

“It’s a miracle. God gave me a new heart!”

My Heart Was Normal Again!

One winter day, while I was shoveling snow, I suddenly realized I was no longer wheezing. I quickly called the cardiologist, and he asked me to come in for some tests. He could not believe what he saw. My heart was normal again! They ran more tests and came back with the same result. I did a couple of other tests six years later, and all showed a normal heart.
It has been twenty-seven years now, and my heart is still going strong. The doctors have never been able to explain how I got well. When people ask me, I just tell them: ‘it’s a miracle. God gave me a new heart!’”

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