Rebecca V is a loving mother who spends her days thinking back to her happiest memories. They include tender moments spent with her loved ones. Read her Living Legacy here below…

What were some of the best moments of your life experiences?

When I gave birth to my daughter, I can still remember the cry, and the overwhelming joy I felt. One of the other greatest moments of my life was when I met my great-grandchildren. Medilodge had a Hayride for residents last year and my great children came to ride. We laughed, smiled, and some of the best moments that anyone could ask for.

What are some of the moments or things in life, you wish you could have had different like careers or experiences?

I was a temp for many years, I learned so many different things and met some amazing people throughout my life. If I could have ever been something different I would have chosen to go into road construction because of the money and enormous amount of fun it looks like they are having. I really enjoy summertime because of construction too.

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