Angeline C. cares about almost everyone she comes into contact with. She recently spent some time to impart her Living Legacies onto us. This local skilled nursing facility resident spoke about watching her community torn at racial seams, learning to live within God’s light, and after reflecting on her many stories, this recounting still inspires her today…

“Angeline, have you always wanted to become a Licensed Practical Nurse?

I’ve always wanted to go to college since I was a little girl, but right after high school, the opportunity didn’t present itself over to me. I got married, had five children, since that point on, my family became everything; I worked to take care of them, only picking up part-time jobs here and there. Then, when I turned 51, and my last son graduated high school, I decided to go to college to study something that gave me a new passion.

What field of study called out to you?

I was initially going for a Physician Assistant, but a professor recommended Nursing for me. Once completing my education, I went on to become a nurse for over 25 years. I’ve worked as a general floor nurse for multiple hospitals, and I’ve also worked in hospice.

In all the years you’ve help care for others, what brought you the biggest joy?

I loved the consistent application that nursing has to offer, but above all else, I loved taking care of people (even the not so nice ones). To this day, I still research medical publications and stay current with practical nursing literature.

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