My name is Frank M. and I’m 91 years old.

” I have the best wife.”

How old were you when you found love?

I found love at 18. During my last year at South Eastern High School, I met a girl who is now my wife, Geneva. I used to buy car parts at Dodge Dealership in Plymouth, MI. I would see Geneva every time I would go there to buy parts. She had already graduated from High School and is 3 months older than me. One day I asked her on a date and it all began. We dated for three and a half years and then we got married at the age of 21 June 10, 1950. We later had four daughters, Kathy, Lenore, Sherry, and Debbie. My wife was a homemaker and a good one too! I mean she took good care of the home! I have the best wife. We’re still married over seventy years later and soon to celebrate our 69th wedding anniversary.

Is it easy to still keep the passion of love alive?

Neither one of us, not once ever said to each other we wanted a divorce, even if we argued at times. I love my wife. My wife turned 92 on March 12, 2019. I don’t normally leave the facility with the exception of doctor appointments. This year I was able to take the facility van and surprise her at the restaurant. She thought she was going to dinner with our daughters Kathy, Lenore, and Debbie at the little Italian restaurant down the street. When she arrived I was waiting for her, which really surprised her. She was so happy. She still talks about it today. You can see how happy she was to see me.

You also mentioned working for a Dodge dealership too?

I worked at Chrysler for thirty years and had many accomplishments. I was president of my Local Union. It was called UAW Local 961. I did a pretty good job. I was elected to be the union president 4 times and served for 12 years. It was unusual to be elected 4 times. Usually the union workers would get mad because the president couldn’t solve their problems and would elect another person. When they needed something solved, I solved. I now live here at Medilodge of Shoreline. You can often find me talking on the phone with my daughters. I enjoy watching CNN and sports. I am currently enjoying all the spring training games until the real baseball season starts.

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