Nieves N. is a woman who loves to find all of her family! Today’s Legacy features a woman who has traveled the world with her family, visiting all 50 states, France, Holland, even visiting her home country again…

Where it all begun.

Traveling far and wide started very early for Nieves N, who is now age 79. Her life started in Madrid, Spain where, at the age of one, her family moved to the United States. Nieves’ family settled in the state of Michigan. After the completion of high school, she became a United States Citizen.

What a world-travelers passport looks like.

While growing up and having her own family, Nieves traveled extensively- from all of the 50 Continental United States and throughout Canada. She has spanned the globe from visits that include; Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the Mediterranean Islands. One bus trip even took Nieves over the Berlin Wall.




Loving a second family!

Another passion is her love of hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. While dating her now husband, who was at the time, a season ticket holder, they attended quite a few games together. Later on, they joined the forum group which consisted of other Red Wing fans that traveled by train to games with the team players. She stopped traveling with the group after the birth of their second child, but that did not stop her family from going. She has attended games in Montreal and Toronto.

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, she would go back to Spain where she still has family. Nieves truly captures the famous song line, by Johnny Cash, “I’ve been everywhere, man”.

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