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Bob’s Farm, Community, and Legacy!

On Friday, Dec. 27, 2019, Bob S. observed his 100th birthday. Asked if he had any thoughts to offer on reaching this milestone event, Bob—showing his trademark sense of humor—replied, “You don’t think much about it until it happens,” pausing a moment and adding, “I guess you get to start counting again after getting to a hundred.” If true, then next December, Bob will be one-year-old. But, meanwhile, as for now, there’s his first century of life and living to recall and celebrate. 

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“A Friendship That Lasts Forever”

Maurizio “Chico” A. is a friend who spent all of his life traveling from one place to another. Being a child of an immigrant family is not easy, but he quickly grew up to be charming, athletic, and one of the most friendliest people you could ever meet. From Basketball to sunbathing, to even shooting a commercial with Jimmy Kimmel, check out the Living Legacy of Chico, written by Nicole Thode<

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