Barry W is a world traveler and has the stories to confirm it. He spent much of his youth taking planes, trains, and automobiles to hidden Europen gems and secret locations only the locals would know. Our friend Barry now reminisces openly in his local skilled nursing facility, where he recalled his favorite memories…

Barry, you had said you are a seasoned world traveler?

I traveled to and all around Europe many times in my life. Flying in planes during those years was a different experience then it is nowadays. Back then, the airlines would feed you during the whole trip to Europe! I enjoyed exploring new places with friends or by myself. I never liked group tours much; they just try to herd you through like your cattle. I took a lot of train trips, and I even rented cars and drove all around Europe. I’ve been all over Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and France.

What was, one of your more memorable trips?

On one of my journeys, I actually was able to locate my Grandfather’s old house. The house was already converted into apartments, but it was exciting to discover it. And then once I found it, I took a picture of it; one of my favorite activities to do was to photograph the different sights and what a sight that was.

Where did you find some of the best food?

Some of the best food I ever ate was in northern Italy. I was also lucky enough to play golf in Ireland. Someone once said, “Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.” I believe that!

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