Delores B. is one of the nations most creative painter, certified from The White House themselves! In 2004 Delores had an opportunity to participate in a White House Christmas art exhibition, something she never thought would happen to her…

Decorative painter Delores B.

… or Carey as her friends know her, has her ornaments hanging on the Blue Room tree at Christmastime in the White House. In 2004 she was one of 300 people who were invited to the White House by Laura Bush to see her artwork displayed. Representatives from every state were chosen and Carey was chosen from the Society of Decorative Painters in Michigan. She was so impressed with how her artwork was beautifully displayed and also impressed with Laura Busch spending hours with all of the representatives, shaking their hands and spending time with them all.

Carey was quoted as saying, “it’s one of those things that you think can’t ever happen to you, and it happened to me!” Carey was a decorative painter for over 30 years.

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