My name is Irene M. and “I feel Young Again”.

What made you enjoy your youth so much?

I was born and raised here in Michigan. The love of my life has always been music and dancing. When I was only 19 years old – I pursued my dream and became a dance instructor. I was very good at what I did and I went straight to the top. I was able to train at the most prestigious location -Arthur Murray Dance Studio in downtown Detroit. I taught all the classes and every day that you can think of; waltz, tango, samba, and rumba to name a few. I’ve taught every dance there is.

Sounds like you worked hard. What made you feel the proudest?

The proudest moments in my life were mostly surrounded around having my children and being a mother. And my dancing days – those were the finest days of my entire life. Dancing on stage – dancing in nightclubs on Mack. The thrill of dancing was hearing all of the applause. There just wasn’t anything like it.

That attention and praise must have felt great!

It did, but now at the age of 82, I want to talk about you people. Here at MediLodge of Richmond, is the place where I found my home away from home. This place just fell into my lap- or I fell into yours. I didn’t have many people in my life and when I came here absolutely everything changed.(tears) I feel young again. How the nurses and everybody else treats me with love and kindness and I have can say that I have truly found real love,

Over walks a nurse seeing she was crying and gave her an embrace because she saw that she was tearful – a true testament to the words that were just spoken.

I didn’t have all of this love that I feel now with relationships in my past. But now I feel surrounded by love. And here I don’t have to question if they love me or not because I know it. Take people who live here with me, for instance. I taught a woman how to hold a Kleenex for when she becomes tearful and I help my neighbor, too – I love her so much. I don’t need to be told that I am wonderful, I just want to be part of everyone.

So now you’re able to feel a sense of community again!

Yes! I’ve made many best friends here since the very beginning and I’ve been here for 18 months. The love of everyone is that we all know that we live here now. My favorite thing to do here is to be with the people. From the top honchos in management down to any position held here- they are all the best and you all can be in any position anywhere- but you’re here.
May God bless the rest of you as He has blessed me.

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