My name is Freida and in May, me and my husband will celebrate 55 years of marriage.


When did the two of you meet?

We met back in high school, became high school sweethearts, and married soon after. Since then, we have owned a company together, raised 2 daughters, and became a grandparent with 3 grandchildren. What got us to this point in our marriage besides love is; honesty, communication, and trust. First I would say that before even getting married, the person should know about themselves and about their partner. This requires a great deal of patience and thinking.


“If you don’t have trust, then you don’t have a marriage.”


What else does a strong marriage require?

It also requires honesty. Couples should be completely honest with one another about all things including finances. Throughout our marriage, we have had family meetings each day to resolve any issues with total transparency. In addition, my husband and I made sure to set aside time to spend with each other exclusively. Couples should dedicate time to spending time with each other daily to maintain relationships. Lastly, a couple should have full trust with each other. If you don’t have trust, then you don’t have a marriage.

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