Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting Shari H. who is a resident at a local skilled nursing facility. While we were there, an illustration hanging near her bed caught our eyes, and we asked her to tell us a little bit about it…

S Hopkins

Who is pictured in that painting?

My husband Gerald (his nickname was Gerry) and I are in that picture.

Tell us some more?

My husband Gerald and I were married for 20 years. One night in 1971, I was reading The Exorcist at home while Gerry was sitting across the room. He kept looking at me and then at his own reflection in a mirror he had set in front of him. Unsure whether he was drawing or doodling, I finally asked him what he was working on. And would show me?

He said he would when he was finished. This is the story of how this painting came to be.

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