Margaret loves to love people. Her large family has accustomed her being surrounded by people she loves, and they all love her back as well. Battling blizzards, dealing cards, and building relationships over her past 100 years creates an interesting legacy…

Margaret, a resident at Medilodge of Monroe

will be 100 years old on April 25th this year. She is blessed with 5 children, 11 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren, and 19 great- great grandchildren.

She had 3 siblings, 1 sister, 2 brothers; and is fortunate to be able to enjoy visiting yet with her youngest brother, George. Margaret worked at Coney Island downtown Monroe for several years and retired from Daimler-Chrysler of Trenton after working there for over 20 years. She was a dedicated employee and never missed work, in spite of the weather (like a blizzard)!

Some of Margaret’s favorite things…

to do in the past were shopping with her sister, Ginny; playing cards, playing the organ, doing ceramics, and fast walking.

Her children are especially proud of Margaret’s renovation & construction skills, plus her determination and stamina. Included in these skills: re-cemented the entire basement of her home, building a patio, a bedroom walk-in closet, and walls to create a new foyer. If anyone, family or friends, mentioned they’d like to have a ceiling fan in a particular room, Margaret would show up with her drill and fan and she would install or teach how to install within the hour!

One of Margaret’s fond memories…

of travel is her trip to Paris, France with her youngest daughter, Betty, to visit relatives in 1973. It was a college graduation gift to Betty. Margaret has always loved to play cards with relatives and friends and still does whenever she can when someone visits her at Medilodge. She has family coming to Monroe from all over Michigan, Paris, France, California, Georgia, and Tennessee to help her celebrate her 100th birthday! Hsappy Birthday, Margaret!

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